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FIG. 20E is a cross sectional elevational view taken along lines E-E of FIG. 20A.Locating tabs 102 may be employed in association with cover insert member 100 to positively position cover assembly 60 relative to chip rack 210.Big features in a small, well-styled lock. Card reader,. 4304 ProxPro II proximity reader for access control combines performance, reliability,.However, the benefits, advantages, solutions to problems, and any element(s) that may cause or result in such benefits, advantages, or solutions to become more pronounced are not to be construed as a critical, required, or essential feature or element of any or all the claims.Specialty Locks; SOLUTIONS. Keypads and Readers. 6005R 125kHz Wiegand Mullion Proximity Reader. 125kHz Proximity Cards & Fobs.

Is it possible for a cheating blackjack dealer to work with a partner by signaling out certain card values without typical flashing techniques?.Heretofore, blackjack hole card readers have been installed in a special cutout created in the blackjack table at a location between the standard chip rack and the player positions.Rack 10, in the embodiment disclosed in FIGS. 1-8, defines an aperture 28 which is sized and shaped to receive reader 30 therein, permitting reader 30 to nest within bracket or pocket 40 for connection thereto.No Peek 21 card reader, purpose of the No Peek 21 reader is to enable the dealer to determine whether or not the value of his first two cards is. Blackjack Rules.

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Sorting of differently identified articles US5651548 19 May 1995 29 Jul 1997 Chip Track International Gaming chips with electronic circuits scanned by antennas in gaming chip placement areas for tracking the movement of gaming chips within a casino apparatus and method US5669816 25 Jul 1996 23 Sep 1997 Peripheral Dynamics, Inc.

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Integrated blackjack hole card readers and chip racks, and novel locking cover assemblies, are disclosed.Gambling chip recognition system US6533276 13 Feb 2002 18 Mar 2003 Mindplay Llc Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming US6567159 15 Jun 2000 20 May 2003 Gaming Analysis, Inc.Information transfer and use, particularly with respect to counterfeit detection US5312104 31 May 1991 17 May 1994 Tech Art, Inc.FIGS. 52 through 55 depict a still further embodiment of a chip rack and integrated hole card reader, wherein a card receiving slot 320 is defined by wall 26 of housing 310.

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As best seen in FIGS. 8-16, reader 30 may be integrated with chip rack 10 in the form of a unitary reader component which can be removably fastened to rack 10.Reviews on Sim card in Seattle, WA, United States. replaced my samsung S4 sim card reader in 10. Then I found out they never took me off my blackjack data plan.

Schlage Electronic Locks. Delivered in one fully integrated package: card reader, electronic lock, request-to exit sensor, door position switch,.Indicator lights, such as lights 532 and 534, or other indication apparatus, such as an audible sound generator, are activated by reader 530 in accordance with pre-determined programming within reader 530, or in accordance with an electrical circuit associated with reader 530.Discover all the information about the product RFID card reader / for access control VingCard Signature RFID 2 - ASSA ABLOY Hospitality (Formerly VingCard Elsafe) and.Card reader for blackjack table US5722893 17 Oct 1995 3 Mar 1998 Smart Shoes, Inc.In embodiments where chip rack 10 employs a recessed card receiving area 20, such as that shown in FIGS. 1-3, 7 - 8, 16 - 18 and 20, cover member 60 may (but need not) employ an extended area 65 to prevent access into the interior of chip rack 210 when cover assembly 60 is placed thereover.The 4302 proximity card reader offers keyless card activation at 125kHz and its potted electronics enhance the security of the reader. The slim, attractive design is.System for monitoring the game of baccarat US20060199649 21 Apr 2006 7 Sep 2006 Bally Gaming International, Inc.FIG. 20F is a cross sectional elevational view taken along lines F-F of FIG. 20A.

FIGS. 48-51 depict a slightly modified version of chip rack 210, wherein a substantially vertical wall 225 is placed between chip slot area 14 and the card receiving area 20.

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Cover insert member 100 nests within cover member 80 (as seen, for example, in FIG. 26 ) and has associated therewith a locking mechanism to be discussed in more detail below.If the payout odds or amounts are not inscribed on the layout, a sign identifying the payout odds or amounts for all permissible wagers shall be posted at each Blackjack table.

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Access Control Solutions. Model 1515 Digital Lock - Smart Open. These card readers are not designed for stand-alone operation.

A card reader 330 is integrated within wall 26 in such a way that, when a playing card is placed in slot 320, a corner of said card can be read through aperture 348.Pc Card Reader, free pc card reader freeware software downloads.A device for speeding the pace of a game of blackjack is provided. The device is comprised of a housing having a top surface and an upper planar portion. The top.Maglocks is a certified manufacturer and distributor of card access control systems, door access control, electronic lock, electromagnetic lock, magnetic door locks.Rack 10 defines a card receiving area 20, which may be comprised of a slightly lowered area 22, which may or may not have a beveled leading edge 24.FIG. 22 is a front elevational view of the assembly shown in FIG. 17A.

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Other structure for mounting reader 30 to rack 10 will occur to those of skill in the art after having the benefit of reviewing this disclosure.Find great deals on eBay for card reader door locks. Shop with confidence.

In this embodiment, card reader prism 334 is integrated within top wall 26 of chip rack 310, and playing cards can be placed at least partially in registry with at least a portion of prism 334 through which a dealer can view said portion of a downwardly facing playing card.FIG. 48 is a left front top perspective view of an integrated chip rack and hole card reader.An integrated casino chip rack and hole card reader for use in the play of blackjack, comprising.FIG. 39 is an exploded left front top elevational view thereof.Any suitable fasteners, such as screws 161, may be employed to connect link 160 to first and second cam members 114, 154.Therefore, it would be desirable to provide a fortified locking mechanism for chip rack covers.The arrangement shown in FIGS. 52 through 55 presents a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The Schlage Connectâ„¢ Touchscreen deadbolt combines advanced features with your home automation system to allow you to control your home from anywhere.Wall 426 defines an aperture in which prism 434 may reside to facilitate reading of cards as discussed previously.Card locks, magnetic locks, and key-less locks for sale at, including electronic locks. Free quotes on magnetic card locks, contact us.

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Fully integrated biometric access control card readers. Fingerprint templates captured via AC2000 software when cardholder details are enrolled.FIG. 59 depicts a still further modified variation of the chip rack of this invention.FIGS. 52-55 depict another modified chip rack 310 in accordance with this invention.A card reader for a blackjack table comprised of a card reading device and a housing therefor, said housing attachable to the blackjack table. Citations de brevets.FIGS. 17A-43 show a novel locking cover assembly 60 associated with a chip rack, either of the type having an integrated hole card reader, or a prior art chip rack without an integrated reader.

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