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The legal revision, though still nonbinding, was included in these measures because the government had seen little reinforcement of old buildings under the existing law. Some 11.5 million houses and condominium units, or roughly 25 percent of the total nationwide, are estimated to have substandard structural soundness.The lack of counterpart funding can lead to a delay in implementation or outright cancellation of these projects.Sexual violence against men, largely child molestation and harassment in the military, has been steadily increasing but experts have pointed out that the relevant laws focus mainly on female victims and therefore need revision. (by Ryu Jin).

This was the agreement reached at the ministerial session of the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) held from February 2-4, where decision makers from different countries with varying levels and structures of socio-economic development, environmental consciousness and political frameworks met.The council, headed by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, will check the regulations regarding penalties to be imposed by the Education, Science and Technology Ministry and other ministries that dispense research grants ahead of budget requests for fiscal 2007.Application forms can be obtained at government hospitals, the Welfare Department and also at the Medical Aid Fund Secretariat at the Finance Ministry here.The Development Bank of Japan and Shoko Chukin Bank will be fully privatized between fiscal 2011 and 2013, while the Japan Finance Corporation for Municipal Enterprises will be abolished in fiscal 2007, with its operations to be transferred to a new organization set up by local governments.

Corruption permeates the provision of health care, whether public or private, simple or sophisticated.In a large-scale personnel shake-up following the Cabinet reshuffle early this month, Chong Wa Dae announced the list of 15 vice ministers and vice minister-level officials, including the head of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO).Protests have erupted in the capital since the MPRP left the coalition, with demonstrators accusing the party of corruption and causing disunity.Contracts for December 2006 delivery yielded 0.435 percent, according to the Tokyo Financial Exchange, up from 0.365 percent a week ago.Holding elections in any conflict situation is a risky undertaking.But Herath said deforestation and urbanisation are not really the causes of deadly landslides.

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The reason for such generosity Prime Minister Lee says is to focus assistance more closely on the lower-income groups so as to make a difference to those whose needs are greatest.Pension cards, which have been in circulation for 3 years, will be replaced to chip ones from 2007.

The central bank governor also said that the government does not intend to accumulate more foreign exchange reserves.Senators used the budget hearings to resurrect the issues against the administration.As a result, the group called for a revision of existing laws that will make it easier for broadcasters to put programs on air via the Web without fear of legal repercussions of potentially violating intellectual property rights.Fencing enthusiasts fear it could be used to ban protective helmets and vests, while Medieval re-enactment groups fear it could leave them without protective armor for jousting and combat re-enactments.A guide has been launched to help small and medium enterprises draft business continuity plans in the event of a flu pandemic.The cartoons have outraged Muslims, although many Europeans have defended their publication under the right to free speech.Suyanto briefly lost his cool when Effendy Simbolon of the Indonesia Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), which earlier stated its support of another candidate, demanded he answer a question on choosing between handling separatism or human rights.However, after the first spectacular attacks, the outfit was unable to continue due to lack of leaders as well as funds.Moreover, with the rising degree of trade liberalization, policy makers should pay more attention to the issues of poverty and justice.

Internationally, China saw more and more international trade frictions and disputes in the meantime when it expanded international trade relations with more countries.Since 1961 the government had invested about Nu. 140,542 million, equal to 15.72 percent of the total outlay in the RNR sector said the prime minister.Just over three months before an April 30 deadline for trade leaders to agree to a formula for cutting trade barriers, both sides are intensifying their rhetoric.Judging from the economic level huge differences exist in the development of regional economies, which lay down various obstacles for reaching a broad consensus on cooperation.Most importantly, it was agreed that the law, while embracing international best practices, should be suitable to the local environment.Tens of thousands of Palestinians, divided by recent elections, marched in angry unity on Friday against cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that they consider blasphemous.Before the introduction of PM80, the PDA market in South Korea was only around 6,000 per month.Even a novice can cook food to perfection with the oven, which uses a barcode attached to food packages.Meanwhile, the NT Government hasdecided to extend two of its remaining major technology contracts until October to give itself more time to evaluate and plan future requirements.

General sluggishness and file overloading are two of the problems hampering the changeover process, resulting in an increasing number of people waiting longer for passports.Other cities and governments also look to embrace various open-source software, which represents freedom and flexibility by nature, to save costs and increase efficiency.MALAYSIA: 100 Proposals for Police Force Already Put into Practice.But the government later found flaws in the Ordinance and felt the urgency for further amendment, as there was no punishable clause in it.Southeast Asia has seen an increased intensity of rainfall and, in some cases, the rains are coming later, Herath said.This arrested an emerging uptrend in the benchmark rate, which had been on the decline before Monday last week.

Representatives of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange also added that the Russian legislation does not allow foreign companies to be listed in Russia.Officials said that the Directorate has demanded powers to carry out desk audit of these agents.Tax agents who give advice and direct clients towards the scams can also now be fined.It is likely that future summits will take steps towards concretising Asian regional cooperation in a number of areas, thereby hastening the re-emergence of Asia as the centre of gravity of the world economy.The 2,000MW Roudshour Power Plant, which is being constructed on the basis of a domestic BOO contract, has reportedly shown significant progress.Only one out of the six big commercial banks in Mexico is managed by domestic capital today. (Na Jeong-ju).The ministry will transform Kyongju Prison in North Kyongsang Province into a correctional facility specifically for the elderly in the first half of this year when a new prison opens in a nearby area.Fifty-five percent of those responding to the Mainichi survey Friday and Saturday said they opposed revising the succession law in the current session of parliament which ends in June, while 39 percent were in favor.

The National Development and Reform Commission has announced the Chinese government solved employment problems for 43.68 million urban residents between 2001 and 2005 and enabled a 40 million-strong rural workforce to move to the cities.As of September last year, conditionalities for the power sector program, which would be co-financed by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, were still under negotiation.Association president Bill Mitchell says the first stage will be to collate facts and figures on where the grassroots level of government stands, the second stage will consider options to improve the situation such as amalgamating councils and sharing resources.He served as acting prime minister for a few weeks last year when Prince Ulukalala Lavaka Ata was out of the country.

Separate studies will also be undertaken on the current degree of integration in merchandise trade and investment, trade in services, and infrastructure and trade facilitation, with corresponding case studies from the perspective of selected developing countries or country groups.They are allowed to use government securities as collateral but the supply of these has shrunk relative to the size of the economy due to the Government running budget surpluses.With the first anniversary of the 1 February 2005 royal coup approaching, the elections are a matter of pride for the king.He agrees with President Arroyo that the lack of respect given to officers of the executive department who appear before the Senate was the justification for issuing EO 464.The rule requires senior military officers be audited when they have held a post for two years, are a candidate to leave the post or are being evaluated.Federal Minister Information Technology Awais Leghari moved the bill and the house adopted it without any opposition attempt of either blocking the move or raising objections on it.In the livestock sector, first model dairy farm will be completed in the first week of March by up-grading an existing dairy farm at Karachi which will result in 30 percent increase in production.

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